For the addict who still suffers

  • Daily Lessons

    This audio-course includes 10 daily micro-lessons (10-15 minutes each), with every lesson built around a different 12-step slogan.

  • Experience, Strength, & Hope

    Lessons draw upon more than two decades of regular contemplative prayer and meditation, just over a decade in recovery, and my research on contemplative practices.

  • Support Your Recovery

    Learn new and practical ways to connect with your Higher Power in working your own 12-step program.

Learning Objectives

In this course we will explore how contemplative prayer and meditation can help to recognize and begin to heal from addictive desires and patterns and the underlying wounds that drive them.

  • Cultivate a holistic approach to 12-step recovery supported by contemplative prayer and meditation

  • Use contemplative practices to develop more wise and skillful means for responding to addictive triggers

  • Develop more intimate and trusting relationships with “the God of your understanding” and with others

  • Set goals and intentions for developing daily practices that support a life-long program of spiritual recovery

  • Instructor

    Instructor Bio:

    My goal is to share the fruits of contemplation with others. My courses are informed by my professional training in theology and by nearly two decades of personal engagement in contemplative prayer and meditation.I am currently an Associate Professor of Theology and Christian Ethics at Aquinas Institute of Theology (St. Louis, MO). I'm also an Oblate of St. Benedict at St. John's Abbey (Collegeville, MN), commissioned presenter of Centering Prayer through Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., and a Trustee of the Trust for the Meditation Process.

    Tom Bushlack, Ph.D.

    Contemplative Field Guide

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Day 1: Experience, Strength, & Hope
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    • Day One - Experience, Strength, and Hope
    • Day 1 Survey Question
  • 02
    Day 2: First Things First
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    • Day Two - First Thing's First
    • Day 2 Survey Question
  • 03
    Day 3: Let Go and Let God
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    • Day Three - Let Go and Let God
    • Day 3 Survey Question
  • 04
    Day 4: HALT = Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired
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    • Day Four - H.A.L.T.
    • Day 4 Survey Question
  • 05
    Day 5: Pain is Inevitable; Suffering is Optional
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    • Day Five - Pain Is Inevitable; Suffering Is Optional
    • Day 5 Survey Question
  • 06
    Day 6: Resentment is Poison; Forgiveness is Healing
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    • Day Six - Resentment Is Poison; Forgiveness Is Healing
    • Day 6 Survey Question
  • 07
    Day 7: Principles Over Personalities
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    • Day Seven - Principles Over Personalities
    • Day 7 Survey Question
  • 08
    Day 8: Progress Not Perfection
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    • Day Eight - Progress Not Perfection
    • Day 8 Survey Question
  • 09
    Day 9: One Day at a Time
    Show details
    • Day Nine - One Day At A Time
    • Day 9 Survey Question
  • 10
    Day 10: Give It Away
    Show details
    • Day Ten - Give It Away
    • Day 10 Survey Question

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